Pressure Ratings: PN10,16,25
Design Standard: ASTM B16.34
Valve Test: EN 12266-1
Valve Marking: EN 19
Flange Standard: EN 1092-1: 2007 RF
Product Group: Strainer
Medium: Water, Sewage


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  • Strainer Design and Manufacture According to ASTM B16.34
  • Flanged Ends According to: EN 1092-1: 2007 RF
  • Pressure Temperature Ratings According to: ASTM B16.34
  • Pressure Test According to: API 598
  • Pressure Drop at %100 Cleaned Condition: 0,012kg/cm²
  • Pressure Drop at %50 Cleaned Condition: 0,102kg/cm²
  • Davit Arm Clearance: 10mm
  • Basket Type Strainer is Essentially a Screen Installed to Allow Liquids to Pass Through, But Not Larger Items, The Larger Items Fall to the Bottom or are Held in the Basket for Later Clean Out.
  • Body: GGG50
  • Screen: SS316 as Standard ( Other Grades are also Available)
  • Cover Gasket: EPDM
  • Cover: GGG50
  • Bolts: SS316
  • Bolt Nuts: SS316

  • Remarks: Grey tones represents available options
  • Minimum 500 Microns Epoxt Coating (C5-I) Outside and Rubber Lining (3mm) Inside Including 2x Counter Flanges, 2x Gaskets and All Fasteners
  • Welded Type is also Available, please ask for more information
  • WCB Body material also Available, Please ask for more information