Pressure Ratings: PN10,16,25
Valve Test: EN 12266-1
Valve Marking: EN 19
Flange Standard: EN 1092-2
Product Group: Air Release Valve
Medium: Water, Sewage (Please ask)


Sales Department:
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+90 533 617 47 79
Email: export@ekoval.com

  • Triple Function
  •     Ensures discharge of great air mass during filling big floated pipelines 
        Allows in flows of large volumes of air when pipe is emptied
        Release of air under pressure
  • Ventilation outlet in nominal size (large opening cross-section according to the flange size)
  • Two Staged closure Design
  • 2-level Ventilation Design
  • Flange pursuant to EN 1092-2 (DN 50 can also be provided with 2" threaded connection)
  • Efficient, high performance ventilation protects pipeline from vacuum related damages
  • Discharge all air inside the pipeline while system is still operating
  • Small Volume/Weight Design
  • Impact-free closing
  • High volume air intake for vacuum break purposes, both during draining of water pipelines and/or column separations
  • Prevents pipeline bursts during pump trip & rapid pipeline filling
  • Water, Sewage and Effluent pipelines Aplications
  • Body: GGG40/50 Ductile Iron
  • Cover: GGG40 & AISI304
  • Shaft: AISI304
  • Bottom Plate: AISI304
  • Lower Float: HDPE
  • Middle Float: HDPE
  • Upper Float: HDPE
  • Gasket: EPDM
  • Camshaft: AISI304
  • O-Ring: NBR
  • Filter Cover: AISI304
  • Pin: AISI304
  • Bolts: A2 (AISI304)
  • Nuts: A2 (AISI304)
  • Washers: A2 (AISI304)
  • AISİ 316 Optional
  • Small Cover: Ductile Iron
  • Epoxy Coated Minimum 250 Microns
  • Small parts can be changed according to customers needs. 
  • Please contact Ekoval for more information


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