Pressure Ratings: PN10,16,25
Design Standard: EN 12334
Face to Face Length: EN 558, Series 14
Valve Test: EN 12266-1
Valve Marking: EN 19
Flange Standard: EN 1092-2
Product Group: Check Valve
Medium: Water, Sewage


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  • Valve design according to EN 12334
  • Face to Face length according to EN 558, Series 14 Weight and Space Saving Short Design
  • Double Flanged Connection, Flanges according to EN 1092
  • Available Pressure Class PN10 / PN16 / PN25 Tested According to EN 12266-1
  • Soft contact between Stainless Steel Body Seat and EPDM Sealing Ring
  • Maintenance Free Bushings
  • Suitable for Potable Water, Sewage Water, All meduims Without Acidity and Alkalinity
  • Tilting Check valves are used in pumping stations water treatment facilities, desalination facilities, reservoirs etc
  • Disc swings freely. The disc opening depends on the flow velocity
  • Shafts protrude on both sides of the body and allow the lever and counter weight to be mounted on the right or left side, both vertical and horizontal pipeline applications.
  • Adjustable Counterweight Lever

  • Remarks: Grey tones represents available options
  • Body: GGG50 Ductile Iron
  • Body Seat: SS304 as Standard (Other Grades are available)
  • Disc: GGG50 Ductile Iron (Stainless Steel Optional)
  • Disc Ring: EPDM
  • Retaining Ring: GGG50 Ductile Iron (Stainless Steel)
  • Bolts: A2 / 8.8
  • Bearing: Bronze
  • Packing: Graphite
  • Cover: Steel
  • Lever: Steel
  • Washer: Steel
  • Counter Weight: Ductile Iron
  • Ring: Forged Steel
  • Fusion Bonded Powder Epoxy Coating min 250 mic Suitable For Potable Water
  • Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Shaft and Seat
  • Metal to metal or resilient seating options
  • Standard Counter Weight, Optional Hydraulic Damper Operation


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