Pressure Ratings: PN10,16,25
Design Standard: BS EN 1171
Valve Test: EN12266-1
Valve Marking: EN 19
Groove-End Connection: AWWA C606
Flange Standard: AISI B16.1
Product Group: Gate Valve
Medium: Water, Sewage


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  • Flange Ends Connection According to AISI B16.1 
  • The Disc complies with Drinking Water
  • The O-ring stem seals are designed to prevent stem leakege and provide replacement of the
  • O-ring without disassembling of valve from mainline pipes.
  • Size Range: DN50 to DN300 (2”-12”)
  • Grooved Ends Connection according to AWWA C606
  • Electrical actuator connection is succeeded with an intermediary top flange
  • Less operation torque & abrasion resistance
  • High-Grade Rubber curing with precise geometry dimensions, more resilient & Strong adhesive to ductile casting
  • Working Pressure 250/300 PSI
  • Working Temperature -10 °C to 80 °C
  • UL&FM Fire Fighting resilient seat gate valves can be used in all kinds of water supply & sewage, fire-fighting and function as a shut-off or regulating valve
  • -Body: EN GJS 500-7 Ductile Iron -Bonnet: EN GJS 500-7 Ductile Iron -Stem: AISI420 Forged  -Disc is covered by high grade rubber -Wedge Nut: Cz122/CA103 -Bonnet Gasket: EPDM -O-Ring: EPDM -Wedge: EN GJS 500-7 + EPDM -Top Flange: EN GJS 500-7

    Remarks: Grey tones represents available options
  • Internally and externally fusion bonded epoxy powder coated (FBE)
  • Can be supplied with both Rising Stem and Non-Rising Stem
  • Flanged-Flanged, Flanged-Grooved, Grooved-Grooved Connection Options
  • OS&Y Rising Stem and Non-Rising Stem Versions Available
  • Ready For Electric Actuator
  • With Electric Actuator
  • With Handwheel
  • With Telescopic or Rigid Extension Spindle 2Cr13 as Standard
  • With Limit Switches or Position Indicators
  • With Operation Cap or T-Key