Pressure Ratings: PN10,16,25,40
Design Standard: DIN 3202-1 (F1)
Face to Face Length: ISO 5752, EN 558 Series-1 (F1) 
Valve Test: EN 12266-1
Valve Marking: EN 19
Flange Standard: EN 1092-2, ISO 7005-2
Product Group: Strainer
Medium: Water, Gas, Sewage


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  • Strainer Design According to DIN 3202-1 (F1)
  • Face to Face length According to ISO 5752, EN 558 Series-1 (F1)
  • Flange Connections According to EN 1092-2, ISO 7005-2
  • Valve Test According to EN12266-1
  • Strainer Markings According to EN 19
  • Easy to Clean the Filter with Discharge Hole
  • Each Strainer has one Stainless Steel Net and One Perforated Screen
  • Filter, 20 Mesh, SA304 Stainless Steel, Other Mesh Values are optional
  • Suitable for Potable Water Applications (With Powder Coating)
  • Removing Unwanted Solids from liquid, gas or steam lines
  • Used in Pipelines to Protect Pumps, Meters, Control Valves, Steam Traps, Regulators and other Process Equipment.
  • Unlike Other Types of Strainers, a Y-Strainer Has the Advantage of Being Able to be Installed in Either Horizontal or Vertical Position.
  • PN16/10 Working pressure
  • Body: EN GJL 250 Cast Iron 
  • Cover: EN GJL 250 Cast Iron 
  • Filter: Stainless Steel 304 
  • Filter Screen: Stainless Steel 304
  • Bolts: Steel 8.8
  • Gasket: NBR
  • Inner and Outer Surface of The Valve is Powder Epoxy Coated
  • Diffirent Mesh Options are available on Request
  • Please contact for Mesh Options
  • GGG25 As Standard, Can also manufactured as GGG50
  • For Applications with Heavier Dirt Loading, Y-Strainers Can be Fitted with a "blow-off" Connection that Permits the Screen to be Cleaned without removing it from the strainer body.